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  • Property Assessment Consulting Services

    When considering a real estate purchase, whether an existing residential or commercial structure, or undeveloped land, questions that SHOULD be asked before actually placing an offer are often delayed until after the offer is already on the table. Sometimes critical information comes to light as a result of the property Appraisal required by lenders; sometimes after completion of the Home Inspection typically included as a condition of the purchase contract.  And sometimes the buyer is unpleasantly surprised by the actual costs associated with making changes or additions to the property, long after the purchase is completed. We believe the buyer is best served when supplied with the facts up front.

    Drawing on nearly 30  years’ experience in Taos, our Property Assessment consulting services are targeted specifically at the needs of the prospective real estate buyer and give the buyer an unbiased and documented assessment of how he/she can maximize the value of a property or construction project being considered. While not a substitute for the Appraisal or Home Inspection, we analyze what the property offers, what it needs, and what it would benefit from, and provide an estimate of the financial costs associated with making the property all it can be.  Where applicable, support services are provided by a wide circle of professional service providers, such as Land Use Planners, Realtors, Architects, Engineers, and Attorneys, improving the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided.  The information we provide helps buyers make practical, informed decisions about investing in real property in northern New Mexico.

    The property assessment process is straightforward, beginning with one or more discussions with the buyer to uncover his/her needs and vision, to determine the scope of the desired assessment. All consulting services are provided on an hourly rate basis, with a higher hourly rate charged for the first three hours of consulting time, and reduced rates for longer-term consulting, such as design services and project budgeting.  Typical discussion topics and potential assessment services include:

    Initial consultation with buyer:

    • Discuss buyer/owner needs, wishes and vision
    • Review practical financial limitations
    • Walk property, or examine surveys

    Property assessment services:

    • Analysis and documentation of overall condition of buildings
    • Remodeling options
    • Addition options
    • Cost considerations of remodeling versus new construction
    • Analysis of deferred maintenance issues and costs to bring current
    • Pros/cons and risk analysis
    • Commercial/residential potential
    • Code and zoning issues
    • Potential uses for undeveloped property
    • Budgeting and cost analysis
    • Impacts on appraisal and resale value
    • Long-term (ongoing) maintenance costs assessment and budget
    • Potential project schedule(s)
    • Energy audits
    • Green building assessment
    • Development by subdividing, rezoning, etc.
    • Safety programs
    • Permits and regulatory agency assistance

    Purchase and post-purchase services:

    • Contractor selection and reference checks
    • Bid analysis and subsequent negotiations
    • Contracts and other construction documents
    • Owner-builder assistance (owner advocacy)
    • Loan draw inspections
    • Informal conflict resolution