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    At the Taos Design Build companies, we provide a one-stop experience for anyone wanting to build, renovate, restore, or remodel … from the first-time private owner to the experienced developer. Areas of special expertise and extensive experience include adobe building preservation and restoration, historic property preservation/restoration/renovation, design-build, school facilities, modular construction/installation/design, project planning and construction management. We also offer valuable pre-purchase property assessment consulting services to the prospective real estate buyer in northern New Mexico. Our team of experienced professionals can take you from an idea to functional concept to the development of a realizable plan with a realistic budget,  to the finished building. Wayne Rutherford, founder and owner, believes the central role he provides “… translates directly into less stress, higher quality, smoother scheduling, and tighter budget control for my customer. Owners and developers can be assured of budget management and control, schedule, quality, and safety, the four most vital aspects of any construction project.”

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    Whether a starter home, historic renovation, or multi-story commercial facility, we can help you make your project a reality. The Taos Design Build Companies, namely, Wayne Rutherford General Contractor, Inc., and Rutherford Construction Associates, Inc., and in previous years, North State Construction, LLC, together provide a comprehensive portfolio of pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services ranging from property assessment and buildability analysis, i.e., is it do-able, to post-completion warranty services. Using a team-based approach, we work with you and the architect and other consultants to develop a mutually acceptable and understood statement of work, budget, and schedule. Value engineering and logistical issues are evaluated and accommodated at the beginning of the project, and revisited/revised as needed throughout the process. The result is high quality and a high degree of satisfaction all around.

    Our portfolio covers the entire range of services you are likely to need in preparation for and throughout your project. These include

    • Pre-purchase and pre-project consultation services such as site assessment and buildability analysis
    • Architectural design, technical and functional analysis
    • Cost estimating and budget analysis, development and control
    • Project schedule development and monitoring
    • Permit acquisition
    • Bonding per project requirements
    • Procurement planning and management
    • Field administration and management
    • Site logistics
    • Value engineering management and oversight
    • Direct and perform all onsite work per agreed schedule

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    Wayne Rutherford, President and Founder